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Welcome to Hierogram, an NFT Project on the Multiversx.com.

This website enables you to Decode a Hieroglyphic 3D Model inside a 2D Stereogram.

There are 2048 Hierogram NFT's in this Collection.


1. Type a Hierogram NFT number below, resize or open in a new browser to enlarge if required (the bigger the better).

2. When you see the Hieroglyphic Characters unfold in the NFT, add them into the Text Box below, use the key for reference. Note: Uppercase only, please.

3. Tip: Hieroglyphics were created Left to Right, Right to Left, Up and Down. They also used the same symbols for different meanings, so watch out for this.

4. You can download the fonts if you prefer at the bottom of the page, compatible with Mac, Linux, and PC.

5. When you think you have completed your NFT, or require a little help, come and visit us in our Telegram Channel to talk about it.


What is a Stereogram?

A stereogram is a type of optical illusion that creates a three-dimensional (3D) image from a two-dimensional (2D) image by manipulating the way our eyes perceive depth.

One common type of stereogram is a "Magic Eye" or "Autostereogram." These are images that, at first glance, may appear to be a random pattern of colors and shapes, but if you look at them in a specific way (usually by relaxing your eyes and staring at the image), a hidden 3D image or scene becomes visible within the pattern.

To see the 3D image, follow these steps:

  • Hold the image at a comfortable viewing distance.
  • Look at the image as if you were looking through it, as if you're trying to look at something in the distance.
  • Allow your eyes to relax and unfocus slightly. This might take some practice.
  • Continue to look at the image in this unfocused manner. Eventually, you should start to see the 3D image emerge from the pattern.

Keep in mind that not everyone can easily see the 3D image in stereograms, as it requires a specific way of viewing and some practice. Some people may find it easier than others. You could also work as a team to isolate the Hieroglyphics and do some research as you progress.

The Concept

The name Hierogram is just a combination of the content of the project and the technology thats used to create it. (Hieroglyphics + Stereogram = Hierogram)

Firstly, you need to decode the Hierogram NFT. Once solved, the imagery will tell you an Ancient Artifact, a Pyramid, a Pharaoh, and much more. (These have Rarity).

3D Models were created for all the Stereogram NFT's, these are readily available for you on request. If demand permits we will link them all here.